Social Security Disability.

Lucas, Denning and Ellerbe, P.A. (LDE) has been handling social security disability cases for the past 30 years. LDE primarily handles social security cases as they relate to the clients that have been injured by a serious personal injury accident or a workers' compensation accident.

Unfortunately, most people are initially denied by the Social Security Administration when they apply for benefits. Because of this, an attorney can become involved to assist in the denial. LDE works with its clients to handle the appeals and file the necessary paper work. Prior to a client's hearing, we will obtain all the relevant medical records and reports, prepare our client for the hearing in front of the social security judge and determine if any witnesses are necessary. Finally, if necessary, we will prepare a Memorandum of Law citing the applicable sections of the social security disability regulations for the court's benefit.

If a client is approved to receive social security disability, there can be serious consequences relating to the client's personal injury or workers' compensation case. Because of this, we believe it is important to have the same attorney handling the social security case and the corresponding personal injury or workers' compensation case. Our firm has years of experience handling social security disability cases and the corresponding cases. We understand how all of these matters interrelate, and we pride ourselves in making sure our clients are informed, prepared and aware of each stage of this process.