Success and Results for Our Clients.

When searching for a firm, you want to be assured of its track record. We believe it is important to share some of our successes to equip our clients with the knowledge they need to find the firm that best fits their needs.

We are proud of our accomplishments on behalf of our clients. We know each case we try has a personal connection, and we do not take this lightly.

The cases our firm handles range in size and scope. As a firm, we are deliberate in the cases we take on and the clients we represent. We make a concerted effort to be selective in our case load so we are able to provide quality representation that results in a satisfactory outcome.

Ready Mixed Concrete Company - Automobile Accident

Our firm represented a woman following a car accident in which she suffered injuries severe enough to send her to intensive care at Duke University Medical Center.


The accident occurred when a driver for Ready Mixed Concrete Company pulled out in front of our client by failing to yield the right-of-way to her. Within hours after the accident occurred in Johnston County on Highway 70, the Ready Mixed Concrete Company had accident reconstruction specialists on the scene gathering evidence for their benefit. By the time our client's family was able to obtain legal representation and contact was made with Ready Mixed Concrete Company, the company's insurance carrier denied her case. Instead, they stated our client should have had enough time to bring her vehicle under control, stop and not hit the Ready Mixed Concrete Company truck, despite the fact the truck pulled out in front of her. In fact, the company countersued our client for damages to her daughter who was a passenger in her vehicle.


Our firm worked diligently to fight the denial by Ready Mixed Concrete Company's insurance carrier and ultimately we were able to settle the case for $2.97 million.

Once settled in 2007, the case became the largest settlement in Johnston County history. The settlement was obviously a win for our client and our firm, but most importantly, we were able to fight the injustice our client was facing.


Firestone Tire and Rubber Company - Welding Accident

Our firm was retained to represent two men who were welders.


As part of their job, they were responsible for welding a large tank at the Firestone Tire and RubberCompany in Wilson, N.C., While they were completing the welding job on top of the tank, it blew up and killed both men. Initially, Firestone Tire and Rubber Company denied the insurance claim filed by the two men's families and, in fact, said that the two men were at fault for welding on a "hot tank."

Our firm was retained by the two families and a lawsuit was filed in Johnston County. As we began our investigation and discovery phase, it was discovered that the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company knew that the tank was hot, but did not communicate this at any time with the two men.


We obtained a $2.4 million settlement on our clients' behalf. Our work on behalf of these families and particularly the two men's widows resulted in a positive ending from such a devastating situation.


Construction Accident

We were retained to represent a man from Selma, N.C., who maintained and constructed cell phone equipment.


At the time of his injury, he was installing cell phone equipment on a tall building located in downtown Raleigh. The ground fault system on the building had not been working properly, despite the fact that the building was occupied at the time. Not knowing this information, our client prepared to install the cell phone equipment in the "penthouse" on top of the building.

While doing this, there was an explosion and our client's body was significantly burned. What followed were horrific injuries, severe pain and suffering, an extraordinarily painful recovery process and the inability to work for the remainder of his life. Initially, the insurance carrier for the building denied our client's claim. Our firm filed a lawsuit and proceeded to conduct an extensive investigation and discovery phase.


We determined that the ground fault system had not been working properly and the company had a duty to warn our client prior to installation. We worked with our client to settle the lawsuit for $2.2 million and, at the time of settlement, it was the largest ever paid in Johnston County.